Can I touch your body and heal your soul?

Divine-lll Connection
Duration: approximately 1hour and 30 min, first time + 15 min introduction
Investment in your personal growth: 175,55 euro (incl VAT)

This Divine- lll Connection session starts with an in-depth clearing of all your energetic systems. This clearing removes old karma, cords and entities and your chakras will be cleaned one by one. The second part is an energy massage. I will touch/massage (fully dressed) your body to release stress and blockages creating softness and space for your soul. Experience your soul’s inner beauty and energy in the softness and full awareness of your body.

Divine-lll Essence Connection
Duration: approximately 1 hour and 45 min, first time + 15 min introduction
Investment in your personal growth: 255,55 euro, incl BTW

This Divine-lll Essence Connection session has the same components as the connection described above. And in addition to hat this Essence Connection session will have more time to touch the deeper layers of your body causing a better energy flow and releasing more stress and blockages. Furthermore, I will also use new age crystals, ascension crystals with the new highest energy vibrations of this new golden Aquarius era.

For both Divine-lll connections sessions described above, I mostly use Mahatma and Kundalini energy and sound. These sessions are experienced as an enrichment of your efforts to connect to your Divine Essence but will only affect if you consciously choose for it and are willing to surrender to it completely. After the session, it can occur that physical problems have disappeared but this is not the primary goal of these connections.

Please contact me if you are interested in one of these Divine Life, Light & Love Connection sessions and we can align to see what this Connection could do for you at this moment in your life. If you are interested in group sessions, workshops or events you can contact me to discuss the possibilities.