Mahatma Avatar van Synthese Basic Healer Class

With this beautiful three days training you will be introduced to the Mahatma energy. The Mahatma is the full spectrum of the Source/Father/Mother and the Divine and represents all the rays of the Source. Reiki uses only 1 ray of the Source.

This Mahatma energy goes beyond all other energy systems as we know so far from Reiki, Tera Mai etc. With the Mahatma Energy, we work with the highest form of “being” which is your “I Am Presence”, also referred to as “your higher self”. Our higher self has no need for symbols to manifest itself. The contrary is proven; symbols are contra productive and limit the spiritual growth as they are old school and do not comply anymore with the new energies. On 21st of December 2012 we entered the new era and thereby we have become ready to retrieve our birth right and to step up and use it for our spiritual growth and for humanity.

If you already practice working with energies you will find yourself leaving step by step your comfort zone. Why? Because the New Age world has spread to many false information regarding energy work. We just want to put you back in your own strength with our method which is your birth right.

After this Mahatma training, you do not no need to be a channel of energy anymore, you will literally be the energy with your Anthakarana(rainbow bridge) of approximately 15 meters wide and fully surrounding you.

Your Mahatma energy will contain the full spectrum of the Source andnot only just 1 ray as the Reiki practices. By representing the full spectrum of the source, the impossible becomes possible.

The word Avatar originates from the Sankrit and means latterly “Incarnation of God”.
Mahatma latterly means “grand soul”.

De Mahatma Avatar van Synthesis Basic Class has a transforming effect to diminish or remove of different illnesses and syndromes. Examples of the different illnesses and syndromes are:

  • Stress;
  • Fatigue, listlessness;
  • ADHD;
  • Autism;
  • Burn-out or depression;
  • Fears;
  • Insomnia, after wakening not feeling replenished;
  • mourning;
  • processing and let go of trauma’s, sufferings or sadness etc.;
  • Allergies;
  • Chronic wounds;

Training content:

  • Clearing (cleaning of the 352 chakras and 12 body systems and removal of entities etc.);
  • Anthakarana (Rainbow bridge activation till the full spectrum of the source);
  • Opening and activation of the earth star;
  • Mahatma activation level 1;
  • Chakra activation. Higher heart chakra. (Holy Heart Tempel);
  • Core anxiety matrix conversion into love and compassion;
  • Light body (Mer Ka Ba);
  • Mahatma activation level 2;
  • Increase light frequency;
  • Finger chakras activation;
  • Pineal gland activation (Third eye);
  • Practice healing;
  • Karma clearing (cleaning of your karma by Arch angel Michaël);
  • Activation of the Violet flame;
  • Ascension Meditation Activation;
    • Mahatma Activation Level 3;
  • Galactic Orb activation and practicing;
  • Installing of the healing assistance team;
  • DNA cleaning and activation;
  • Melchizedek initiation and practicing with the Melchizedek energy;
  • Teachings: Melchizedek Chamber and Cathedral (practical exercise);
  • Teachings: Melchizedek Shri Murti
  • Teachings: integrity;
  • Teachings: The Ego versus the Higher Self;
  • Teachings: De power of thought.

This Mahatma Avatar of Synthesis Basic Class is a three day training and the first steps on the path to true Mastery & Ascension. If you feel the need for further growth after this training it impossible to follow the training Mahatma Avatar of the synthase Master Class by Senia Melchizedek with even the possibilities of two more upgrades. After finishing these three trainings it is possible to participate to the training of Mahatma Avatar of Synthase Basic Teacher by Senia Melchizedek.

The Mahatma Avatar of Synthase Basic Class is a three day training. Costs are €250,- including workbook.

Dates will be planned in due course of 2018. Other Acknowledged and certified teachers with already planned training days for 2018 you can find under the tab of external links.