Welcome at Divine Life, Light & Love

Have you already made steps to free yourself from the limiting conditions that you have picked up during your life, previous life’s, family lines etc.?

Do you have the feeling that you could use some inspiration to step it up in your process?

Would you like to live from a base of constant state of infinite peace, freedom and joy?

A Divine life on earth with your long forgotten purest universal light and infinite love?

It would be my privilege to inspire and facilitate high frequency energy for you, to unite your body with your soul so that you are able to live again in complete connection with your true self, your pure essence. Creating space and softness in your body and awareness for your soul to restore the full connection so your energy can flow again freely in your body. A Divine life now on earth based upon your long forgotten omniscient feelings and infinite light and love.

My way of working can be found at the Divine-lll Connection tab. Under the Mahatma tab, you find examples of related workshops with the workshop content. For the most up to date events you can also check my facebook page Divinelifelightlove. If you have specific enquiries or any other requests you can contact me and I’ll be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.